Deism and the Human Jesus

Readers of my essays have asked me to write a book about deism. In response to these requests, I have written a book including essential information from my website and adding new information and commentaries regarding two notable deists, Thomas Paine and Matthew Tindal. I am making this book available and free to anyone who is interested.

In the following pages of this website, I am publishing this book in a form that can be easily printed by you on a printer connected to your computer, for your personal use. You may also produce additional copies inexpensively at a quick photocopy shop, if you desire, to be given free of charge to other persons.

I believe that a book can be more conveniently read than a computer screen. A book can be read anywhere, thus freeing the reader from sitting in front of a computer. Also, a book can be more easily shared with other persons.

I encourage you to read this book by clicking on the link below, and print a copy for your own use, if you desire. I hope this book will make deism better known to more people. I have no intention for this book to be published for sale, but if a commercial publisher is interested in publishing this book for sale to the general public, any profits I receive will be given to charity.

Brother John Lindell

FREE BOOK: Deism and the Human Jesus

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